Arabian and All-Breed Horse Training - Western, English, Huntseat, Halter

                       Our Philosophy     

"When the Horse Comes First,

 Winning Comes Naturally"

Always put the horse first, and have fun...... It's simple really!

 First and foremost is a genuine concern for each and every horse.  The horses are our working partners.  We won't use any cruel, inhumane or illegal methods.  We promise to be horsemen before salesmen. It's our pledge to you as a client, but more importantly it is our pledge to your horse. Every horse's well being is the first priority at Cedar Hill.

 We partner with the best farriers, equine chiropractors, message therapists and dentists to ensure that your horse is healthy and in winning show condition now,and well into their old age. With healthy, well-trained horses….winning really does come naturally.

The second most important thing is to Have Fun!

Make no mistake we work hard! But when you love what you do, the fun comes naturally too. Cedar Hill is a very social barn and we host numerous parties and events throughout the year.

But we also work hard to promote an atmosphere of team work and good sportsmanship.

When you show with Cedar Hill you are a valuable part of the team, when you win, we all win together!


We love winning titles, buckles and ribbons, but we also know that some of the biggest wins never involve an arena or competition. The relationship between horse and rider is amazing. Overcoming life's challenges with an equine partner may be the greatest win of all.


When we are taking the best care of our horses and having fun, it all happens very  naturally.