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Cedar Hill News

Posted on May 26, 2011 at 1:46 AM

The show season is off to a great start – It has been Crazy Busy, but we hope this will help keep everyone caught up:

PtHAWW Let’s Go (Pinto Show)

Miserable weather but an amazing showing by the Cedar Hill Crew:

Tori White and Satin – fantastic Pinto debut for this new team – Looking like real partners at their first breed show! Very solid performances - a great way to start the show season. Look for great things from these two! (new pic of these guys on the website – check it out)

Holly Rydman and Tag – The first and only Breeding Stock Gyspy Vanner at the show! Also – Holly’s first class ever at a breed show. How did she do? She rocked it like a pro! Congratulations! (new pic of them too – check the website!)

Talledegha NightsOwned by Mark and Holly Rydman – Wow! This was Tally’s breed show debut - Shown by Crystall Petry. What can we say? All Around Open Breeding Stock High Point! Nice! Great job by Crystal B. and Crystall P. and congratulations to Mark and Holly!

Cyn Maguire and Gator – Say what??? All-Around Reserve High Point in the Breeding Stock Youth Division!! These two have come so far in the past year, it is really impressive!

Sylvia Leavitt and Lacey – THEY DID IT!!!! – After many years of dedication, discipline and devotion – Sylvia and Lacey earned their Amateur Supreme Champion with the Pinto Horse Association of America. This is a lifetime achievement award. This level is earned by only the elite and truly dedicated – Also, it means that Sylvia and Lacy will be honored with a presentation ride and a BIG PARTY at one of the upcoming shows – stay tuned for details on that! (woo-hoo party time!!)

Gavin Baker and Kei Sierra – The high speed stuff! Reserve High Point in the Youth Western Games Division! Way to hang on and good riding!

Daffodil Spring Arabian

This show was a lot of fun! Free wine and cheese tasting on Friday Night, Free margaritas and barbeque Saturday Night:

Congrats to Cyn Maguire and Gator who won enough money in their Championship class to pay for all of the stuff that Karin bought at the silent auction on Saturday Night! (very funny)

We had tons of fun with Sylvia and Darri Leavitt and Cyskho, who had very solid performances. Not to mention the debut of the now infamous Cedar Hill Golf Cart (Thanks Mark and Holly)! It was a great weekend!

Cascade Arabian Youth Benefit:

Monique Hader and Laro – This was their very first Arabian show and they did great! They won their Showmanship Class! Monique has come a long way after a pretty major injury last year – They had a great breed show debut.

Cyn Maguire and Gator – Awesome placing in big classes! AND her big debut in Native Costume!! – How did she do?...She won it! Excellent!

Darri Leavitt and Slick – Darri and Slick’s Arabian debut! They won their class!!! Excellent job!

Sylvia Leavitt and Cyskho – Western and Side Saddle debut for this team and guess what? – they won those classes too!! (I see a trend here…Nice!!!)

Jenn Freudenstein and Daisy – Also their first Arabian Show together. Second and First places – Excellent way to start things out

Cascade Silver Buckle (Pinto Show):

Where to start?

Tori White and Satin – an amazing partnership has formed with these two. They achieved big placings in big classes and it is only their 2rd breed show!! Really making a beautiful picture and winning big too! Future All-Around Champions for sure!

Talledegha Nights – Owned by Mark and Holly Rydman – Crystal Petry showed Tally to win Reserve High Point in the Open Breeding Stock Division!! Tally has become a superstar in a very short period of time. Proof that race track horses can have a career after the track and do amazing things. Major Congratulations once again to Mark and Holly!

Cyn Maguire and Gator – Again??? Another Reserve High Point in the Breeding Stock Youth Division!! Look out for this dynamic duo as things are only getting better and stronger all the time!

Monique Hader and Laro – This was their Pinto Breed show debut. Major improvements from the previous show and a solid job in a variety of classes. Great Work!

Sylvia Leavitt and Lacey – Okay – at a certain point you’re just showin’ off (and we love it)! Sylvia took Lacey into a Side-Saddle class. Lacey has not been ridden side-saddle in about 4 years. After only a five minute warm-up, they took first place from 5 of 6 judges. What???? Great job Sylvia!!

Brooklyn Leavitt and Lacey – The cutest team on the entire planet! First place in Lead-Line!! Congratulations

Holly Rydman and Tag – Second Pinto Show for these two. Added halter to the mix and did great. What’s next for these two? We can’t wait to see.

Other News:

Cedar Hill Gear is Here! Come get your stuff!! Hoodies, Hats and Jackets and they all look great!

Check the website for new pics we are starting to get caught up (we are almost up to Christmas…sad I know). Well we are getting there!

That’s all for now – stay tuned for more upcoming events

Crystal and Mike Baker

Cedar Hill Training Center


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