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Posted on September 15, 2009 at 9:59 AM

Hi Everyone,



This is another very exciting weekend! We will be at the Pinto "Poor-Boy Jubilee" Show at the Tacoma Unit. We have a very light crew attending the show, but the Celebration on Saturday night will be fantastic! We would like to invite everyone from the Cedar Hill Nation to attend!!!



We will be honoring the accomplishments of two Cedar Hill competitors:



Katie Mayer will be celebrating her Youth Championship with Krysta. We are very proud of Katie and excited to have her back on "the Hill" (that's Cedar Hill) - great work Katie!!



Now for an announcement that we are exceptionally proud of:



Darri Leavitt and Cyskho will be celebrating their "Legion of Merit"!!! Cyshko is the first breeding stock Pinto to reach this level in 30 years!!!!! He is also only the second breeding stock in the 50 year history of the Pinto Association to reach this level at all!!



Come watch a championship ride that will not soon be forgotten. Hear the story of this amazing partnership between a man and a horse crippled at birth (that's right...crippled at birth). Come and witness what hard work, dedication and always "putting your horse first" can lead to. This will be a very special night for all of us at Cedar Hill and we are honored to host the celebration.



Of course we will fire up the barbeque at 6:30pm as always. We will supply burgers and hot dogs, please bring your favorite side dish to share!!



Saturday Night - This is truly a landmark event, plan to be there!! This will also be the last show of the year at which we will be hosting a big barbeque/cookout. So come join the fun!!!



******PS also look for Gavin Baker featured in an upcoming edition of the "Nisqually Valley News". Mike, Rob and Gavin attended a traditional "Ranch Roping Clinic" last weekend and Gavin was interviewed and photographed a whole bunch! Also, if anyone else is interested in Traditional Ranch Roping - the guys are hooked and we will be roping on the Hill - come join us!





Crystal will be Showing Tada, Meredith Coard's 1/2 Arab for the first time this weekend! Very Exciting!!


Also: Congratulations to Josie Owens for the Sale of her Young Paint "Chaser" and an equal Congratulations to Randy Coard for his purchase of Chaser (an excellent choice).



Chaser is a great young Paint Gelding that we recently started at Cedar Hill. Look for Randy hangin' with the boys in Western Games, on the trails and who knows...ranch roping?



Also: Congratulations to Josie Owens again for the Sale of her Pinto Pony "Ditto". Although Ditto was only in training for a brief time, we are very excited for Josie's successful sale. Two horses in two months....not bad in today's market Josie!!!



Chaser's sale reminds us. We are starting horses again! Mostly because we have been unable to find anyone else who meets our high standards and expectations in this area. We have a fantastic program that has been proven again and again. We will only start two horses at a time (because of the extra demands), so space is limited and we are already partially booked up for the winter - we just keep forgetting to mention this to our established clientele (sorry).



***If you want your horse started correctly and gently, without unnecessary injury, trauma and drama - contact us NOW to book a spot this winter.




Thank You,

Mike and Crystal Baker

Cedar Hill Training Center

"Where the Horse Comes First and Winning Comes Naturally"


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