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Cedar Hill Update #9

Posted on April 10, 2009 at 7:59 PM

Hey Everyone,
Way too many announcements - so here are the top three:
First of all props and Congrats to last weeks competitors.
Darri Leavitt - at his first Arab show took the obstacle trail classes by storm!  He and Cyskho got first place in both of the trail classes on Friday and they got the highest score of the night.  On Saturday Darri and Cyskho won the Open Western Pleasure class as well (even against some trainers!)  Good Job Guys!
Congrats to the kids! - Brittany G., Crystal D.,Austin, Becky, Ashley and Shanell competed in the largest district meet in the state for their equestrian teams.   Everyone reported improvement in their performance and here are a few awards (keep in mind that these are huge classes, anything in the top 10 is excellent): 
Brittany: Working Rancher -1st, Stockseat -2nd, Trail -2nd, Cow sorting with Crystal DeRocher -2nd, Huntseat -3rd, , Dressage -2nd, Working Pairs with Crystal DeRocher -2nd, IHOR -7th.
Crystal D.: Top 10 - Showmanship, Top 10 - Dressage, 2nd - Cow Sorting, 2nd - Working Pairs
Ashley & Shanell - Top 10 in Barrel Racing/Western Games
Austin - Pleased as Punch to finally be beating Becky
Becky - Vows Vengeance on Austin at the next meet.
Second Announcement - this is a big one!
As most of you know Crystal (Baker - our trainer) is continually updating her training.  We are extremely pleased to announce that Crystal will be working closely with Jodi Strand from Strand Arabians as her mentor.  She will be flying to Iowa in June to ride for Jodi and help prepare for the Region VI Arabian show. Jodi is one of the biggest names in the Arabian world and we are thrilled that he agreed to take Crystal on board in this capacity.  Good trainers NEVER stop educating themselves or investing in their career. 
Third Announcement- Cedar Hill Jackets, Vests, Shirts and Hats will be available shortly.  There are two ways you can order:
1 - We will have a standard jacket that you can order (it will be nice)- you just give up the money and the jacket will magically appear (at some point-not at that moment).
2 - Bring you own jacket to be embroidered for about $25-$30. (We encourage individuality - so any type of jacket, vest etc. is okay - as long as Crystal gives it the okay) 
The cutoff date for ordering or bringing your own stuff will be April 20th (after the Pinto show) - so move fast.
Let us know now if you want anything and we will give you the rest of the details.
That is all for now - but there is more on the way including: our website (not yet on any search engines, so don't bother googling us), clinics, fun days, camping, the growing Cedar Hill "Man Clan", Side-saddle support group and more.  Stay tuned.

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