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Cedar Hill Update #10

Posted on April 30, 2009 at 8:44 PM

Attention: If you had not heard
We will be in Hawaii next week, all lessons are postponed and all training will be prorated for the month of May.  The elite Cedar Hill Staff will be taking care of business while we are gone (thanks Mere, Randy, Carmen, Andrew, Becky and Lucas - you guys are awesome!). 
Now the good stuff:  In the News: Last weekend Cedar Hill clients attended four different events at once (hard to keep track of everyone anymore) here are the highlights:
Daffodil Arabian - Although the show was poorly attended our people showed at the highest level and definitely earned the titles they got.
Darri Leavitt and Cyskho scored the magic 68 out of 70 in trail, which was not only the highest trail score of the weekend, it automatically qualified him for Nationals! He also beat a very prominent National Champion Trainer. Nice!!
Christy Borden and Fancy - Reserve Grand Champion in Halter! but that's not all!  Christy couldn't get enough at Daffodil and went to a schooling too!  She cleaned up and beat all horses in all breeds - Way to go!  It seems that Christy is really enjoying her time with Fancy - which helps us make the point, if you are not enjoying and bonding with your horse - what's the point?  This stuff can be lots of fun, even addictive. We love it! Nice job Christy! 
Lucas, Randy and Gavin went for a pretty challenging trail ride up in Elbe.  Luckily the weather was pretty good.
All of the Cedar Hillians who competed at the Equestrian Meet did a great job as did all of our peeps at the 4-H Show!  Good weekend of people getting out there and competing on their horses.
My apologies to anyone who I missed.  Have a great week, we will miss everyone until we return.

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