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Cedar Hill Update #11

Posted on May 14, 2009 at 5:57 PM

Hey People!
Who's ready to shake off these cruddy weather blues?  We are!  The weather forecast for this weekend is OUTSTANDING!!!  In case you did not hear our trip to Hawaii was canceled due to Mike's company having "serious concerns" about the swine flue!  WHAT??? REALLY?????....Yes really.
So to say the least, we are ready to have some fun this weekend!!  Seriously!!  This weekend is the Cascade Pinto Silver Buckle Show - lots of belt buckles will be awarded - and we're gonna get some (we hope).  Also, this is a part of a Saddle Series and some of our people will be competing for Saddles to be awarded at the end of the year. So come on out and root for all of your Cedar Hill Com padres (that's "friends/team-mates" for you non Spanish speakers)!! 
Friday night at the Tacoma Unit there will be a potluck sponsored by Cascade Pinto Club.  They will provide BBQ Chicken and soda, you bring the rest.  This should be a good mixer and we encourage everyone competing at the show (or not competing) to show up and socialize (we will). 
SATURDAY NIGHT - CEDAR HILL COOK-OUT AND POTLUCK!!!!! - 6:30pm.  All Cedar Hill peeps (that's "people" for you old folks) - past present and future, are invited!   Bring whatever you want to eat and some yummie stuff to share!  We will have the grill going, the tiki torches lit and the campfire (such as it is) going at dusk.  Come hang out, swap stories and have some fun. All Cedar Hillians are welcome.
SUNDAY - If you want to see something fun and action packed - come for the Western Games division (end of the show).  Mike and Desi will be running and so will Becky and Buck! (they are VERY fast), Maddison and Gavin and who else? Come find out!
We are glad that Jodi and Jennifer (and their crew) made it back from Mexico without getting the swine flu! (good job guys!)  Also Jodi has a smokin' hot new Filly!!! Congrats again.
Christy Borden purchased a new Colt out of Arizona that looks awesome AND there was a beautiful new colt born out of their Stud Ricki (double congrats).
Brittany Grohs won 3rd in Stockseat, Huntseat 5th, Trail 1st, Working Rancher 2nd, Dressage 3rd, Working Pairs with Crystal 5th, IHOR-2nd.  So in District 2 Brit is receiving a gold medals in Trail and Working Pairs, Silver medals in Stockseat and Working Rancher and the bronze medals in Dressage and IHOR.  She is going  to state in Wahset in all these events.  In WAHSET only the top 4  in each event go to state.  You have to average in the top 4 over the 3 distirct meets.  - Go Britt!!!
Mattie and Raz - Recently got a Grand Champion in Western Equitation!  Great job Mattie!
My apologies to anyone that we missed.  We are looking forward to hearing the results from all of our kids that are currently at the State WAHSET meet in Pasco - good luck everyone!!

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